Saturday, 19 March 2011

Commercial Drivers Never Drive Alone

Have you ever had a moving or DOT violation? Maybe endured a tragic accident while out on the road? Don't face legal issues like these alone; get a Commercial Driver's Legal Plan from Pre-Paid Legal Services. We offer legal services tailored to meet the needs of commercial drivers just like you. Protect your legal rights anywhere in the U.S. with toll-free access to legal counsel for issues or questions you encounter when you're on the road.

If you’re driving your truck without legal insurance, it’s like owning a house without fire insurance,” says Eddie Morgan, national sales director for Pre-paid Legal Services, based in Oklahoma. “You can probably get away with it, but one day you could lose everything.

As a commercial driver, you may experience legal events like:

CDLP Presentation
  • License reinstatement
  • Moving violations
  • DOT Violations
  • Tragic Accident
  • Minor personal injury or property damage
  • And others!
With a Commercial Driver's Legal Plan, if you face a legal issue, whether you're down the street or miles from home, you aren't alone. Using your membership is as convenient as picking up the phone and dialing the toll-free number or 877-277-6250 on the back of your Membership card.

When you need it

Life on the open road can bring twists, turns, and a few unexpected detours along the way. With a Commercial Driver's Legal Plan from Pre-Paid Legal Services you can protect your legal rights anywhere in the U.S. with convenient toll-free access to legal services when you need it. Benefits may include:
  • Assistance with moving violations
  • Assistance with DOT violations
  • Tragic accident assistance
  • Legal advice on license reinstatement
  • Legal assistance for minor personal injury or property damage
  • Many other valuable benefits
It's peace of mind you can take with you when you hit the open road.


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