Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Pre-Paid Legal Independent Associate - Business Opportunity

Have you ever thought about escaping the daily grind and trying something fresh and different? Or maybe you're just looking to earn an extra income on the side? Either way, Pre-Paid Legal offers an exciting opportunity for those with an entrepreneurial spirit. As a Pre-Paid Legal Independent Associate, you will have a business with versatility that you can start part time and grow into a full time career. Work from home, set your own schedule, receive valuable training from dynamic leaders and so much more. This is your opportunity to own your own business and make a difference!

Your own business...

With Pre-Paid Legal Services, you can embrace freedom, excitement and the personal fulfillment of owning your own business and helping others. A day in the life of an Independent Associate includes setting your own hours, developing and working with your own organization, and so much more. Enroll now and receive everything you need to get started. If you have any questions, contact me.

A day in the life...

As an Independent Associate, this business is your own so you determine your schedule. But to give you an idea of the types of activities you might be doing on any given day, here's a brief illustration taken from countless stories given by Pre-Paid Legal Associates through the years. (This content is fictional and for illustrative purposes only*. Results can and WILL vary from person to person.)

A Day in the Life of a New Independent Associate

Our business is all about sharing Pre-Paid Legal and the Business Opportunity, but when I first signed up, I felt excited about the potential, but nervous at the same time. I had worked as an administrative assistant for years, and this was a huge departure from what I was used to. My sponsor Jan was amazing, though. She coached me, helped me with my first Private Business Reception (PBR) and was always calling me to offer support and advice. But the first time I made a call by myself, I was terrified.

I think I drove around the block about three or four times before I managed to get enough nerve to pull in. There was nothing to be nervous about, though. When I finally did knock on the door, Jane was warm and friendly and very receptive. As a single mom of two rowdy boys, she was really looking for an opportunity to supplement her income. I played a DVD for her, talked about the different ways a Legal Plan could be beneficial, and before I knew it, she had signed up to be a Member and an Associate. As I left Jane's house I was exhilarated, I was able to help a friend, and I had just earned my first commission on my own!

Monday, 11 April 2011

What does a Pre-Paid Legal Plan mean for your family?

Having a Pre-Paid Legal Life Events Legal Plan for you and your family means a lawyer is available when you need one. Our Provider Lawyers can look over important documents and contracts before you ever sign*, or may decide that a call or a letter written on your behalf will help bring resolution to an issue. Enroll today and coverage starts today! Benefits vary by state and province. If you have any questions, please contact #877-277-6250.

What does a Pre-Paid Legal Plan mean for your family?

Body shop was using junkyard parts on a new car
Landlord-tenant dispute over a $1000 security deposit

Used for various situations with excellent service and results

Home foreclosure technicality keeps

Legal Emergency? 

Emergencies don't always happen during business hours. For some issues, when you need a lawyer, you can't wait for the office to open. Our Legal Shield benefit enables you to get through to a lawyer whenever you are faced with a legal emergency like arrest, detainment, or child custody issues.

Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Common Tax Deductions For Owner Operator Truck Drivers

Filing taxes is never a pleasant event for most people, but one that is necessary. Most owner operators have a variety of different expenses they incur during the course of their business that they can deduct. Taking the time to do so means they end up paying less income taxes. 

You will be able to depreciate the value of your truck over the course of several years. The amount you can take depends on the purchase price of the equipment. If you sell a truck or trailer during the year you should know that you will have to count that is income because you have already taken some of the depreciation on the equipment. You will also be able to deduct the interest you pay on your truck payments and trailer payments. You aren't allowed to deduct the actual payments though, only the interest portion.

There are often tolls and fees for scales that truck drivers have to pay along their routes. These fees can be deducted as well. Make sure you keep track of what you pay for showers, truck parts, maintenance, and repairs. All of these items are deductible. You don't need to keep your receipts for meals because the government gives you a per diem rate that you can claim. You need to make sure you keep track of the number of days you are out over the road though so you can figure the deduction.

Clothing can't be deducted unless it is specifically for work related services. For example you can claim a bright orange vest and a hard hat that are required to be in a construction zone you may be delivering materials for. However, you can't claim your jeans, tennis shoes, and shirts because they aren't considered to be a required uniform for work.

You also can't claim any traffic tickets or attorney fees you have to pay in order to fight tickets. Many truck drivers have attempted to deduct these expenses on their tax return. The result is they end up getting a bill from the IRS telling them they owe more money. In some instances there are fees and penalties assessed as well.

Fuel is the most common expense that truck drivers incur. Make sure you keep a close eye on those receipts because each one will likely be worth $100 or more. Losing these different receipts can really add up during the course of a year, and that means you will have to pay more income tax. 

The use of a cell phone and a laptop are often common items truck drivers use. However you can only claim half of the cost of them because the government has the opinion that both of them will be used for recreational use as well as for business. Any maps, notebooks, pens, log books, or other items you buy specifically to use in your truck are deductible. 

You do have to be careful though as there is a line between what is necessary and what is a luxury. For example you can deduct the cost of a special seat for your truck that is ergonomically correct. You can also deduct the cost of a refrigerator for your truck. Yet you can't deduct a new stereo system or the customized curtains you buy to decorate your cab with. 

The various tax deductions for owner operator truck drivers need to be carefully looked at. If you have a tax preparer they can take care of it for you. Make sure you keep all of your receipts together. It is a good idea to have a large envelope for each month of the year. This way you only have to provide your tax preparer with the figures instead of with the actual receipts. Keep them in a safe location for at least three years in case you end up getting audited by the IRS.

Monday, 4 April 2011

Choosing The Right Trucking Company To Work

There are so many different trucking companies out there that the chances of you finding a job you enjoy driving a semi truck is very high. Yet you need to know that these companies all have different recruiting techniques that they use to entice new drivers to sign up with them. It is to your advantage to take a close look at the various trucking companies out there and see what they have to offer you. Since you won't be comparing apples to apples you need to evaluate each one on an individual basis.

You want to find a trucking company that offers a terminal in your general area. Otherwise you are going to find you have to drive endless miles empty in your own vehicle if you are using a company owned semi truck. If you are an owner operator with your own truck then you will be driving these additional miles in the big rig without pay, and that is quite expensive.

Many of the larger trucking companies have terminals in many locations while the smaller ones may only offer one or two terminals. This will generally be the location where you drop of your paperwork, attend safety meetings, and take care of other essential tasks related to the trucking industry.

The amount of money you will get paid is very important, but you need to evaluate this carefully. Many trucking companies offer a sign on bonus if you agree to a contract of one year or more. This may be payable when you initially start or when you reach the time mark outlined in your contract. You need to find out if you will get paid by the mile or by the hour for your work.

It is important to find out when you will be paid for your work. Some trucking companies pay you a set number of days after you turn in paperwork for a load. Others have set pay dates. You also need to find out if you will get a check or if the funds will be direct deposit. If you are an over the road truck driver the direct deposit option generally works best so you can access funds even when you aren't in the area.

Inquire about various benefits that the trucking company may offer you. These include health insurance, 401 k plans, and bonuses for attendance and safety. All of these items make up a complete employment package and they are worth investing in. It isn't a good idea not to have health insurance and you should always have some type of savings plan in the works for your future.

The way dispatch works for different trucking companies can make getting loads a smooth process or it can be a nightmare. Look for a trucking company that has plenty of freight to offer. This way you can deliver your load, call dispatch for another load, and be on your way again. You will be wasting your time and your money if they continually leave you sitting around waiting for a load.

Find out how the company handles time off. You may be offered paid vacation time after you have been with the company for a set period of time. However, you may need to take a couple of days off to deal with issues that have been piling up or for a special occasion. Look for a trucking company to work for that understands these things arise and they are willing to work with you to get your personal needs met.

You also need to inquire about the equipment they operate because it needs to be up to date and safe. Even if you have your own semi truck you will be hauling their trailers so make sure they are well taken care of.

Tuesday, 22 March 2011


            You can wait until you get a ticket before calling a legal service, but it’s generally not the best approach. Eddies Morgan of Pre-paid Legal Services says if someone with a moving violation buys a membership. Pre-paid will represent him for a flat fee of $200. American Truckers Legal Services requires a prospective member with an existing ticket to buy an eight-month membership. “It tends to be cheaper if they call us before, not after.” Says Millard Dean of ATLS.
Waiting until you get ticketed to look for a lawyer on your own could give you questionable results, considering you might be asking strangers for recommendations about lawyers in unfamiliar cities. In such cases, it’s hard to gauge a lawyer’s reputation.

Saturday, 19 March 2011

Commercial Drivers Never Drive Alone

Have you ever had a moving or DOT violation? Maybe endured a tragic accident while out on the road? Don't face legal issues like these alone; get a Commercial Driver's Legal Plan from Pre-Paid Legal Services. We offer legal services tailored to meet the needs of commercial drivers just like you. Protect your legal rights anywhere in the U.S. with toll-free access to legal counsel for issues or questions you encounter when you're on the road.

If you’re driving your truck without legal insurance, it’s like owning a house without fire insurance,” says Eddie Morgan, national sales director for Pre-paid Legal Services, based in Oklahoma. “You can probably get away with it, but one day you could lose everything.

As a commercial driver, you may experience legal events like:

CDLP Presentation
  • License reinstatement
  • Moving violations
  • DOT Violations
  • Tragic Accident
  • Minor personal injury or property damage
  • And others!
With a Commercial Driver's Legal Plan, if you face a legal issue, whether you're down the street or miles from home, you aren't alone. Using your membership is as convenient as picking up the phone and dialing the toll-free number or 877-277-6250 on the back of your Membership card.

When you need it

Life on the open road can bring twists, turns, and a few unexpected detours along the way. With a Commercial Driver's Legal Plan from Pre-Paid Legal Services you can protect your legal rights anywhere in the U.S. with convenient toll-free access to legal services when you need it. Benefits may include:
  • Assistance with moving violations
  • Assistance with DOT violations
  • Tragic accident assistance
  • Legal advice on license reinstatement
  • Legal assistance for minor personal injury or property damage
  • Many other valuable benefits
It's peace of mind you can take with you when you hit the open road.